Rooftop solar means more jobs and more money in the local economy.

Eleven Eyre Peninsula Councils are investigating a solar bulk buy on your behalf.  Experts are assessing systems for you, to ensure that in 5 years, 10 years and 15+ years there will be no regrets.  With over 300 expressions of interest so far, quality South Australian companies are competing to provide you with excellent service and hardware.

Finance will also be available with your solar – pay off the system with the money you save and still have cash left in your pocket.  Spending this left over cash will help the economy, so go out for dinner, join a club or buy something for the kids – it all helps.

Of course if blackouts are a problem, batteries are also available as part of the scheme so you can keep the lights on, the beer cold and the TV on during the night, and let the rooftop solar charge the battery during the day.

“I’m too old to benefit from solar” – Wrong!  Installing solar may mean, at the very least, you will have $200 extra to spend in the first year.  Savings can be a lot higher.  You may get the benefit in the first year.  When the solar is paid off in 4-6 years time, your savings may be much larger but you could start saving this year.

Spend your cash locally – put solar on your roof.

For more information and to register your no-obligation interest in the Energy on Eyre Community Solar Scheme for Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula visit