The Building Better Regional Businesses program now includes content to guide business owners both in terms of the decisions they are facing right now, and the strategies and management practices that need to be implemented to provide the best opportunity during the long period of recovery. Participants of this course will also have access to unlimited advice from an experienced Chartered Accountant and business advisor who has worked with small business owners through previous recessions.

The program format has been changed and is now being delivered as an eLearning course through the Build a Better Business Learning Management System. This eLearning experience will involve you working on activities specific to your business with the goal of improving performance. The eLearning program will cover all of the topics in the course information memorandum, as well as additional material relevant to our changed economic circumstances. The course formally opens with a live online presentation, business owners can register for this launch event on either of two dates, by following the links below.

Wednesday 22nd April at 6.00 pm (Registration Link for this presentation)

Thursday 23rd April at 12:30 pm (Registration Link for this presentation)

For more information: Program Overview