The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has launched the Small Business Survey. The survey will help the ACSC’s new dedicated technical advice team for small businesses better understand how Australian small businesses operate. By receiving input directly from small businesses, the ACSC can ensure the technical advice they provide is actionable, relevant and tailored to the small business environment. To do this, they are encouraging small businesses to participate.

The survey is 9 minutes long, anonymously submitted, and does not ask for sensitive or personal information unless participants opt in for a follow up survey (in which case an email is required to send the link). It will be open until late September 2019 and the information small businesses provide will directly inform the topics of advice, the priority/schedule of that advice, and how it is tailored to the small business environment.

They will use the information when updating the ACSC Small Business Guide to include practical “how to, step by step” guidance, as well as equipping small businesses with knowledge to better understand and question the IT services they might use or consider using.

Take the survey HERE

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