Regional Development Australia Eyre Peninsula (RDAEP) would like to present to you the South Australian Regional Blueprint produced by Regional Develoment South Australia (RDSA).

RDSA is a unique model within Australia and one for the State to be very proud of, due to its tripartite funding model across Federal, State and Local Government.  It is the only State in Australia that has developed such a sophisticated arrangement, and the benefits allow the entity to work very practically within and across regions, but also to champion the State both to Federal Government when required, and across Local and State governments as needed.

All of the eight South Australian RDA’s have been a cohesive and collaborative force, working both across regions and within their own to develop strategic plans to drive economic recovery and growth.  They detail specific industries and sectors, key themes, and investment opportunities, underpinned by analysis and statistics.

Each of these plans have taken extensive consultation across all levels and particularly local government, business and industry associations and private investors, to enable them to be signed off and for each RDA to have the support and mandate to deliver them.

Underpinning the Blueprint is a scoped and detailed project and investment pipeline, starting at conceptual through to shovel ready projects. This document informs submissions made to Infrastructure Australia, Infrastructure SA, relevant Government Departments and private investors.  It is a confidential document, due to the sensitive nature of many of the projects in development.  For further information please speak to the CEO of RDAEP Dion Dorwarwd.

I encourage you to read this Regional Blueprint as a reference point for South Australia, and to contact whenever required the highly skilled and knowledgeable Chairs, CEO’s and teams that work across the RDA’s in South Australia.

The future of our regions is incredibly important to us!

Read the document here: The Regional Blueprint

Hon. Rob Kerin, Chair, RDSA