RDAWEP has provided support to assist Susie Betts in establishing her commercial enterprise.  Susie has been producing artworks and designs for around thirty years and to quote Susie, it has been mostly for other commercial ventures advantage.  Susie made the decision that she now wanted to do something for herself.

Information and purchase of Wiyana Healing Art and Design’s products is available via the website www.wiyanaspirit.com

One of Susie’s early contracts was designing the Adelaide Crow’s guernsey for the Indigenous Round of football held in May this year.  Susie’s guernsey design went on to win the overall award for the best designed guernsey Australia wide.  Although she doesn’t take the credit, since the initial wearing of the guernsey, the Crows have had their longest winning streak ever!

While working for Jon and Ros Moriarty (owners of Balarinji Design) Susie created the Nalanji Dreaming design for the Qantas 747 plane, and a coke bottle design which now features in the Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta, USA.

susie-finalist     final_colouring_book_1024x1024
Congratulations to Susie – finalist in the Brand SA Regional Awards 2016           Colouring book available at www.wiyanaspirit.com

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