Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers is an Australian Commonwealth Government initiative represented by The Department of Education and Training and The Department of Jobs and Small Business.

Are you worried about aging out of your job? Looking to transition into a new career? Sign up for this new government-funded program that helps older workers, or recently unemployed older workers, remain in or re-enter the workforce.

If you’re:
• Aged between 45 and 70; and
• An Australian citizen or permanent resident; and
• Employed and at risk of redundancy; or
• Unemployed for less than three months and not registered with an Australian Government Employment Services Provider;
BUSY At Work can provide you with personalised advice and guidance on upskilling for your current job, finding a new career, or help you discover options for further education and training opportunities.

To check your eligibility, contact:
BUSY At Work
Telephone: 1300 359 061