SA Grain Industry Blueprint: Setting our vision to 2030 and beyond!

Grain Producers SA has led and coordinated the development of the South Australian Grain Industry Blueprint for 2020-2030. The initiative is the first of its kind for South Australia’s grain sector and has been developed in cooperation with industry and Government.

The Blueprint provides a roadmap for the South Australian Grain Industry to become a $6 billion industry by 2030.

The strategic framework will enable long-term planning and inform private and public grain industry investment decisions. The Blueprint will also help to deliver greater investment through public-private partnerships, will boost research and development, as well as provide jobs and skills training at all levels. Further, the Blueprint will ensure that SA producers, exporters, handlers, and manufacturers can continue to access overseas markets and will help to build export opportunities.

Underpinning the Blueprint are six key pillars: Market Opportunities, Capturing Value, Biosecurity & Market Access, Innovation, Building Industry Capacity and Infrastructure.

More information on the Blueprint is available on GPSA’s website.