Rachel Hawkins, owner and developer of the My EP – Shop Local Business Directory is privileged to have been accepted as the only regional participant in the South Australian Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (SAYES), facilitated by Business SA.

Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula (RDAWEP) supported Rachel by following her SAYES journey and being a sounding board for her ideas.

“It’s given me great confidence in knowing that others have taken note of what I’m already achieving on the Eyre Peninsula and can see my vision and the unlimited potential my business has, not only in my community but other communities throughout South Australia and beyond”, said Rachel.

“It’s been interesting to hear the comments from other participants when I say I’m from Port Lincoln and travel to Adelaide each month for our training sessions – they’re a bit gobsmacked but at the same time impressed that I’m travelling so far and would make such a commitment.  To me, it’s just common sense, not a limiting factor and is something I accept due to living regionally.”

Rachel loves what she does in promoting local business through the My EP – Shop Local Business Directory and looks forward to creating new and innovative ways for businesses to advertise and communicate with local consumers and other businesses on the Eyre Peninsula.

SAYES is giving Rachel the opportunity to build the right connections, participate in educational workshops, access comprehensive mentoring with industry experts, and is helping her build the foundations of her business so she can propel to the next level rather than having to ‘go it alone’.

Any young regional person with the right passion, commitment, business idea or established business is encouraged to reach out to RDAWEP and Business SA for support – it only takes one phone call or email and who knows where it could lead!

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