The Landscape South Australia Bill 2019 has passed through Parliament, after consensus was reached between the House of Assembly and the Legislative Council on all amendments.

Subject to assent by the Governor, the new Landscape South Australia Act 2019 will replace the Natural Resources Management Act 2004, which will enable the establishment of new regional landscape boards and reform of natural resource management in South Australia.

Over the coming months, the new Act will be implemented, which will see NRM boards being replaced by eight new regional landscape boards and a new metropolitan landscape board, Green Adelaide.  Until the new Act comes into full operation, NRM boards will continue to deliver NRM services to regional communities.

The new legislation will give communities and landholders a greater voice in natural resources management. Land and water levy increases will be capped to CPI and more on-ground action will be encouraged so regional communities can become more actively involved in natural resources management programs and initiatives.

The aim is to deliver effective water management, pest plant and animal control, soil and land management and support for broader sustainable primary production programs.

It will be a simpler system, giving people a greater voice in decision-making and board members that reflect their communities. The system will also include a Grassroots Grants program and the flexibility for levy funding to be distributed from Green Adelaide to regional South Australia through a Landscape Priorities Fund.

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