In early September RDAWEP partnered with Tawnya Bahr and the Straight to the Source program to deliver ‘Catch and Cook II’, a bespoke tour designed especially for hospitality and food industry professionals.

The tour saw 21 leading food industry influencers including chefs, food writers, and restaurant managers, spend three action-packed days in South Australia’s Far West Coast on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour.
snapper-and-oystersThe aim of the tour was to increase participant’s knowledge of the Eyre Peninsula region and produce, provide them a greater understanding and   appreciation of where the food they are serving comes from, and in turn act as ambassadors for our region in their restaurants and further afield.

The tour also exposed a number of establishing businesses and experiences to a large group of high yield clientele and helped to define their offering and demonstrate the potential of this type of tourism for the future.

Participants flew direct from Adelaide with Rossair to Coorabie Farm where they were transferred by coach to Fowlers Bay and spent the day aboard EP cruises who highlighted the local marine wildlife, local seafood and wines.

“The crew aboard EP Cruises prepared some of the freshest seafood including razorfish, abalone, sea urchin, snapper and whiting that these chefs had ever eaten.  Whilst onboard, local Eyre Peninsula chef Tony Ford also treated the chefs to an Abalone Masterclass.  They were blown away by the location and the produce.” said Mr Brad Riddle, RDAWEP.

Guests then travelled by coach to Scotdesco where they spent the evening gaining an understanding of the history of  this Aboriginal community, their connection to the land and how they have developed the farming of Wiltipoll sheep and a variety of saltbush products.

The following morning guests travelled to Ceduna and spent the morning at Tjutjuna Arts, where they had an extraordinary opportunity to gain a first-hand, authentic insight into Aboriginal food culture and indigenous foods, a deeper understanding of the culture, customs and techniques used in cooking and learnt about traditional ingredients and how to use them.
The afternoon and evening was spent at the Ceduna Foreshore Hotel with an opportunity to meet local producers and members of the community.  The following day guests went behind the scenes and toured Thevenard Fish Processors, discovering how the produce moves from ocean to plate and spent the afternoon exploring the oyster leases and processing facilities of Smoky Bay with Angel Oysters.
“These industry tours provide a unique way to not only tell our story about quality produce but also convert that into actual sales for our producers.  RDAWEP will continue to partner with industry and look for opportunities that have long term economic benefit to the region.” said Mr Riddle.

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