It can be hard keeping up with the new demands of many workplaces.
Employees are now expected to do a lot more reading and writing than they ever had to and often that involves computers.

The good news is, the Reading Writing Hotline is here to help people find the right service to meet their needs whether that is a class, private trainer or some resources.

Here is what a few callers had to say about the service:

The more people that can help to improve their reading and writing the better it is for everybody.

The Hotline is a free national phone referral service for adults wishing to improve their reading writing, maths and digital literacy skills.

It is funded by the Department of Education and Training and have helped over 160,000 people in the past 25 years by assisting them to find the class or help they need.

The Hotline gets calls from people from all walks of life, calling for themselves, their employees or their friends and family.  Please share the video and thank you for doing your bit to help improve literacy rates in Australia.