South Australia’s ageing population is set to rise by more than 70% by 2050, according to the Economic Development Board of SA.

The number of South Australians aged 65 and over will grow by 42% by 2030 (394,000) and 74% by 2050, says the board’s chair, Raymond Spencer.

This will allow businesses to capitalise on the ‘ageing well’ market, as Raymond says South Aussies aged 65 and over will increase their spending power by 42% in coming decades.

South Australia will lead the national dialogue on ageing well and become a “global leader” in the sector when it hosts the first ever Ageing Well Revolution Conference.

The conference, to be held from November 22–23 at the Adelaide Convention Centre, will bring together international experts to explore the business innovation and social innovation opportunities. At the heart of the design and thinking is ensuring people in their 60’s and beyond have better choices that bring their life greater purpose and meaning, and more control in determining the choices available to them as they transition through life’s course.

The discussions are expected to help local businesses, the corporate sector and social enterprises maximise economic opportunities in the ageing sector in coming decades


To learn more, or to register and attend the conference visit: Ageing Well Revolution

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