Quality is a distinctive regional characteristic and has been adopted by the Board as the regional vision.

The region is renowned domestically and internationally for its premium seafood, high quality agricultural product, and the pristine nature of its landscapes, seascapes and conservation parks. The region is popular for high quality and very different nature based tourism experiences. The region also has some of the world’s highest quality mineral resources of magnetite, graphite, zircon and kaolin.

The strategic direction for the future is to pursue value-adding initiatives to enhance quality product and strengthen the regional economy.

Quality indicates that the region’s doors are not only open for business, but provides a brand which states: ‘enter here, if you want the best’.

Regional Priorities

Regional priorities are designed to capture the key activities that are being pursued to address regional development issues and needs. These priorities have been tailored to align with the key determinants of regional economic growth that are recognised by the COAG Regional Australia Standing Council. These determinants form the main structure of all RDA planning documents across Australia.

The RDAEP Regional Priorities are:

  • Develop and retain a skilled workforce.
  • Build the capacity of the community to grow the regional economy.
  • Consider the environment when planning regional development.
  • Support development of social and community infrastructure and services to enhance liveability.
  • Promote investment to develop strategic infrastructure and foster globally competitive business.
  • Strengthen, foster and promote the region’s business and product diversity.
  • Facilitate collaboration and engagement with government, industry and community stakeholders in regional planning initiatives.
  • Implement a continuous improvement culture.