Quality is a distinctive regional characteristic and has been adopted by the Board as the regional vision.

The region is renowned domestically and internationally for its premium seafood, high quality agricultural product, and the pristine nature of its landscapes, seascapes and conservation parks. The region is popular for high quality and very different nature based tourism experiences. The region also has some of the world’s highest quality mineral resources of magnetite, graphite, zircon and kaolin.

The strategic direction for the future is to pursue value-adding initiatives to enhance quality product and strengthen the regional economy.

Quality indicates that the region’s doors are not only open for business, but provides a brand which states: ‘enter here, if you want the best’.

Regional Priorities

The theme for 2022-23 is “Regional Liveability” with the top 6 key priority areas focused on addressing workforce shortages:
1. Healthcare – attracting Doctors, and other healthcare professionals to the region to facilitate a quality healthcare service, thus attracting and retaining the workforce needed to support business growth.
2. Housing and Accommodation – development of strategies for the supply of “shovel ready” residential land; adaptive reuse of buildings; accessing finance and reducing the cost of delivering infrastructure will be critical in providing a mix of housing choice across the region to meet demand.
3. Population Attraction, Retention and Training – attract, retain and train workers to facilitate greater workforce participation to meet workforce needs. Improved healthcare services, education/training, childcare and telecommunication connectivity will be vital.
4. Economic Diversification – support the establishment of new and emerging industries with a particular focus on “green” production to decarbonise the economy and to facilitate sustainable career opportunities (circular economies, renewable energy, mining, sustainable tourism, hydrogen production and Space Industry).
5. Infrastructure Provision – continue to advocate for nationally significant infrastructure including placemaking initiatives to improve regional amenity, as well as new and upgraded infrastructure to drive down costs of production and facilitate value adding opportunities.
6. Visitor Economy – improved visitor experience by increasing product offerings, promotion/marketing/branding and improved infrastructure.