Our Staff

The Board is supported by a team with extensive government and private sector experience in regional economic and community development.

Project Managers have a primary economic development role and region-wide responsibilities to the following key activity areas:

  • Economic Development
  • Tourism Development
  • Indigenous Economic Development
  • Workforce
  • Business Development
  • Special Projects

Ryan Viney
Position:  Chief Executive Officer/Director Regional Development
Email:  ryan.viney@rdaep.org.au 
Mobile: 0407 976 156

Trevor Smith
Position: Economic Development Manager
Email: trevor.smith@rdaep.org.au
Mobile: 0408 948 634

Howard Coote
Position:  Indigenous Economic Development Manager
Email:  howard.coote@rdaep.org.au
Mobile:  0429 672 400

Annabelle Hender
Position:  Tourism Development Manager
Email:  annabelle.hender@rdaep.org.au
Mobile:  0423 778 242

Tamsin Scholz
Position:  Project Support Officer
Email:  tamsin.scholz@rdaep.org.au
Mobile:  0498 826 453

Roger Paul
Position:  Manager Corporate Services
Email:  roger.paul@rdaep.org.au
Phone:  0468 348 501

Wendy Ettridge
Position: Executive Assistant
Email: wendy.ettridge@rdaep.org.au
Phone:  08 8682 6588

Sue Henriksen
Position:  Business Support Officer
Email:  sue.henriksen@rdaep.org.au
Phone:  08 8682 6588